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Camp Kesher Day 2!

Wow! What a day. Executing 30 different activities wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it. Here’s a short sum up:

Most quoted line of the day: “Drink Water” (we made sure to keep the kids consistently hydrated with ice water), followed by “Yes, you need your water bottle.”

Camper’s favorite activities included: Power Walking, Pickle Making, Volleyball and Baking!

How we make S’mores at Camp Kesher: With cookies from the Baking Club, of course!

Number of pounds of pasta we eat at an average meal: 15

Popular activity not on the schedule: Playground time.

Average time waiting at the Canteen: 3 minutes

What we are looking forward to next: A surprise coming tomorrow!

The campers are smiling, the sun is shining – what could be better? I can’t wait for another day tomorrow.

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