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About The Trip

Camp Kesher Day 8

Meira August 3, 2021

Camp Kesher woke up early this morning in Maupin for an action packed day. We collapsed our tents, folded our sleeping bags, had breakfast and then headed to white water rafting on the Deschutes River.  It was incredible. There was not one camper who didn’t enjoy. Many even jumped in the water for a quick swim.  The rapids were fun and not too intense. Each raft was led by a guide so the campers felt comfortable and safe. In the afternoon we went to the Triskelee Farm, a petting zoo/barn where we saw ostriches, and pet the alpacas, and other cool animals. We finished the trip with delicious falafel delivered to the farm. After our long and busy day, we arrived at our new destination, the Macleay Conference and Retreat Center, for the second week of camp. We unpacked and have set up our new base. We are excited for the upcoming days!