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About The Trip

Camp Kesher has begun!

Meira July 26, 2021


It was a terrific first day of camp. Campers travelled across four states just to join us at Camp Kesher. Everyone arrived safely and are excited for all the fun activities we have planned. Tonight, we introduced our staff, showed them the newest NCSY music video ( and told them about our exciting “club activities.” Campers picked their top choices for three different clubs – and it wasn’t easy with such a big selection! Club options included: All around Sports, Chmasa Art, Improv, Basketball, Cooking/Baking, Harmonica, Crayon Art, Knitting/Friendship Bracelets, Woodworking, Nature and Survival, Water activities, Shabbat Carnival and Canvas Painting. Wow! You probably wouldn’t have an easy time selecting either.

The bunk are all getting to know each other! Tomorrow is filled with a variety of activities and campers will get to explore the campus. We can’t wait to see more smiling faces.