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About The Trip

CKH Cooking Camp

  • What is Camp Kesher at Home? 

CKH is Oregon NCSY’s newest project that combines the excitement of Camp Kesher, innovative thinking and top notch programming.  Camp will run from Monday – Friday from 9 am – 12 pm from June 15th – June 26th.  The same camp will be offered two weeks in a row so that campers can choose two Kesher experiences. CKH has been created with the mission of providing your children with the structure they need so parents can have the break they deserve. 

  • Are you canceling the in person Camp Kesher that is slated to take place August 9-20th in Camas, WA?

Nope.  At this point in time we are staying hopeful.  As long as the CDC, as well as our staff, feel that it is safe to run camp, we will. CKH is an additional project of Camp Kesher and is open to campers who aren’t registered for the in person camp

  • What kind of programs will CKH offer? Will my kids be on zoom the entire time?

There are 3 camp offerings for campers currently in 6th-8th grade, as well as an additional night camp open only to those enrolled in a CKH morning camp – 1) Jewish Cooking Camp 2) Gaming Camp 3) Classic Camp 4) Kindness Camp.  Every 10 kids registered for a camp will form a bunk, and will be assigned a counselor.  Each day, campers and staff will meet over zoom for a bunk activity and some Jewish learning. Then, counselors and guest presenters will lead the campers in the day’s activities. Campers can choose to work on their projects in front of their computer or in a more comfortable location while the counselor will remain on zoom the entire time to be available to answer any questions.  This way, parents can remain free from interruptions. 

Depending on what camp you select, you will either receive a box of all the necessary supplies or a list of what supplies you will need to purchase.  Whatever supplies we assemble will be clearly labeled in the box so that your kids can participate in activities without your help.  The boxes can either be picked up for free (in Portland) or shipped for an additional $25.

  • Is there a minimum number of campers needed to run a camp? 

Yes, we need a minimum of 5 campers to run a bunk.  A bunk will fill at 10 campers.  If more than 10, but less than 15 campers register for the same camp, we will adjust the bunk sizes accordingly. 

  • Is camp refundable?

Due to the time crunch we are operating in, CKH has been set up without a registration fee.  Camps are non refundable but are transferable.  If a camper cannot attend camp at the last minute, their parents can find another camper to take their place. 

  • Are there scholarships? 

The policy of Oregon NCSY is to never turn a participant away due to lack of funding. Please reach out to us to discuss your specific situation.


Here are a brief description of the camps* (including prices):

Jewish Cooking – Join CKH as we journey through the Jewish holidays.  Each day, campers will focus on a different holiday and learn to prepare food tied to the theme.  Campers will learn a wide range of cooking and presentation skills and prepare fresh dishes daily.  They’ll make foods including cheesecakes, kugels, blintzes, matzah brei, beignets and chocolate bark. Holidays covered will include Rosh Hashana, Chanukah, Purim, Passover and Shavuot. Please note that your child must feel comfortable in the kitchen and you must trust them to fry, bake, cook and use sharp knives. The price of this camp is lowered as parents will need to buy a number of staple ingredients before camp (flour, sugar, eggs). This is in addition to the box of specialty ingredients and utensils that we will be supplying (Price: $100).

Kindness Night Camp – Spend your evenings (8-9 pm) doing something meaningful. Each night, campers will gather on zoom and work on a community service project.  Activities can include making gifts for the elderly and the sick, masks and thank you cards for health care workers, and placemat decorating for Meals on Wheels participants.  Besides for the necessary supplies, campers will receive pre-stamped envelopes so they can mail their finished projects when they complete them (Price: $36).

*activities are subject to change based on availability