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About The Trip

CKH High School Program

For campers currently in 9th-12th grade (entering 10th-college)

  • What is Camp Kesher at Home? 

CKH is Oregon NCSY’s newest project that combines the excitement of Camp Kesher, innovative thinking and top notch programming.  Camp will run from Monday – Friday from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm from June 15th – June 26th.  The same camp will be offered two weeks in a row so that teens can choose two Kesher experiences. CKH has been created with the mission of providing your children with the structure they need so parents can have the break they deserve. 

  • Are you canceling the in person Camp Kesher that is slated to take place August 9-20th in Camas, WA?

Nope.  At this point in time we are staying hopeful.  As long as the CDC, as well as our staff, feel that it is safe to run camp, we will. CKH is an additional project of Camp Kesher and is open to campers who aren’t registered for the in person camp.

  • What kind of programs will CKH offer? Will my kids be on zoom the entire time?

There are 3 offerings for teens currently in high school.  Due to the different nature of each one, they are outlined below. Each program will begin with the teens meeting their counselors on zoom for a short ice breaker activity and immediately beginning their guided electives. The teens can choose to work on their projects in front of their computer or in a more comfortable location (when applicable) while the bunk counselor will remain on zoom the entire time to help facilitate the workshop.  Of course, Jewish learning will be infused into the program in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Depending on what camp the teen has selected, they will either receive a box of all the necessary supplies or a list of what supplies you will need to purchase.  The boxes can either be picked up for free (in Portland) or shipped for an additional $25.

  • Is there a minimum number of campers needed to run a camp? 

Yes, we need a minimum of 5 campers to run a bunk.  A bunk will fill at 10 campers.  If more than 10, but less than 15 campers register for the same camp, we will adjust the bunk sizes accordingly. 

  • Is camp refundable?

Due to the time crunch we are operating in, CKH has been set up without a registration fee.  Camps are non refundable but are transferable.  If a camper cannot attend camp at the last minute, their parents can find another camper to take their place. 

  • Are there scholarships? 

The policy of Oregon NCSY is to never turn a participant away due to lack of funding. Please reach out to us to discuss your specific situation.


Here are a brief description of the 3 camps* (including prices):

*activities are subject to change based on availability

Public Speaking – Do you feel nervous speaking in public or looking to get better at public speaking? Communication is a key to success in almost every career path you will choose and excelling in public speaking will give you a competitive edge above your peers. This hands-on, educational course will be taught by Matthew Rosenberg, a speech communication instructor at Oregon State University.  It will focus on how to write and present a speech, manage your fear and stage fright and experience the world of public speaking. (Price: $155, $135 before May 25th)

Liberal Arts Camp A & B – If you enjoy a wide range of creative activities, Liberal Arts Camp is for you?  This camp will be broken down into 2 time slots, and during each slot, you can choose from 2 electives.  During the first time slot you can choose from mixed media art or guitar (time slot A) and during the second time slot, you can choose from cell phone photography and photo editing and improv (time slot B). The price will depend on which two electives you choose and you must choose one elective during each slot (you cannot just register for one time slot). Here are the details of each option.

Time Slot 1:

Mixed Media Art: Jewish Perspectives in Mixed Media – What is Jewish Art? Explore this question, and a wide variety of art materials, through a hands on course emphasizing creative expression and experimentation. Find your medium and message and complete a project that speaks to our past, future, and your own unique identity as a Jewish artist today. This course will introduce you to various uses of materials and forms of Jewish art and is open to campers of all skill levels.  

Mixed Media Art will be taught by Esther Amster, a visual artist and art teacher of over ten years, with a Masters degree in Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts, studio training from SVA, The Fashion Institute of Technology, and The Art Students’ League of New York. She also lectures on Jewish topics with special interest in Jewish symbolism. 

Price: $90, $70 before May 25th

Beginner Guitar – Learn the basics of guitar in this fun and relaxed beginner guitar camp.  Get a better understanding of the basic chords and tune and learn how to play two different songs.  This camp is perfect if you’d like to perform at your next family party.  Participants will need a guitar and picks to join this elective.

The course will be led by Doovie Jacoby with additional guest instructors. 

Price: $60, $40 before May 25th

Time Slot 2:

Cell phone photography and photo editing – Do you wish your social media posts got more attention or that the pictures you took came out sharper and cleaner? Then join the cell phone photography and photo editing elective.  In this course, you will learn the art of taking great pictures as well as the importance of focus, good lighting, and background display. Set up a real photo shoot, and understand and then practice the skills of photo retouching and collage making. Participants must have a smartphone accessible to take this elective.

This course will be facilitated under the guidance of professional photographer Jon Perrin.

Price: $60, $40 before May 25th

Improv – Love having fun, engaging in team building activities and want to improve your decision making response time? Then look no further.  Join a week-long workshop from Hide Out at Work, an incredible improv company located in Austin, Texas, whose clients have included Google, Yeti and Whole Foods. This elective will cover the basics of improv and include topics such as have fun, say yes, be obvious, take care of your partner and be committed. 

Price: $80, $60 before May 25th